Fidget Spinner Activity

The school year ended with classes finishing our last unit with only a few days left and I couldn’t really start new material so, I thought why not try to find something that would incorporate fidget spinners.

I know that Teachers Pay Teachers is not the best place to find materials for the classroom but I found this activity, Fidget Spinner Spin-Off that sounded pretty good. I thought it would be a great hook for students in that they got to use fidget spinners and their phones as a stopwatch all in one class period.

I used this as a group activity of 3-4 students. I had the following roles for each group (spinner, timer, recorder, and keep on task). Students had to decide on one spinner to use and remember to use that spinner on both days (ended up that our first day of this activity was a shortened class day).

Students were recording how long their spinner would spin. Students first had to record information about their spinner and decide on how they were going to spin the spinner. They then had to decide on how many trials they were going to do. I learned real quickly in the first class that 20 trials would take way to long as we were seeing that some spinner spun for 3-4 minutes. (I was really surprised by this.) I also learned from the first class that I really needed to talk to students about what could and could not be done when spinning a spinner, like flicking it once and then flicking it again when it slowed down. Students had to only flick the spinner once when starting or twice right away, no flicks after that or blowing on the spinner to make it last longer. We talked about variables and how that could affect our data.

File May 26, 9 11 23 AM

In the end, we decided on 10 trials. After the trials were done students had to convert all their time into seconds and then make a bar graph of the data. I assumed students would remember what a bar graph was, don’t do that. We didn’t create bar graphs all year but line graphs so we had to review the difference.

File May 26, 9 11 37 AM

Students, then found the average/mean of their data, average/mean of their data without human error, and average/mean of their data without outliers. This meant that we needed to talk about what outliers were and what they meant.

File May 26, 9 11 50 AM

We then had a class discussion on what spinners they thought were the best for spinning the longest and why. We talked about what variables made the spinner spin longer or shorter too.

We were then out of time. I would really like to do this activity again with students but add another few days so that students could work in their groups and design their owe spinners on paper or in a 3D program. Then if I could get the 3D printer have students vote on what spinners should be printed and why and then print those.




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