Cover Up Activity by Frank Tapson

I love reading Sarah Carter’s blogs and getting wonderful ideas from her. She shared Cover Up by Frank Tapson a short time ago and I decided to use that activity in my classroom on the last day class day with students.

I started by modeling how to play the game with students. I had a board and the class had a board to cover up. We didn’t play a full game but played long enough so that they understood what was expected. Even though I modeled how to play the game and read through the directions with students there were still a few students in each class that said while they were playing, “We can do that?”. (Shaking my head) Thankfully other students around them said, “Yes, she told us that!” Thank you!!!

As students started to play they started asking:

“Can we add three numbers up and cover them up for the total on the dice?”

“Can we subtract numbers to get the total on the dice?”

Can we multiply numbers to get the total on the dice?”

I was so amazed that they were putting this much thought into an activity on the last day of real classes for the year that I was bummed that I didn’t do this activity earlier so that we could have some discussions on strategies and try different ways that we might change the rules to the activity.

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I am going to end this short blog by saying please try some the wonderful activities by Frank Tapson.



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middle school math


middle school math

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