First Week Back = PD

This week we had three days of PD. I was pretty surprised with how much time we were given to work in our rooms. 

First Day:

The day began with the mandatory teacher meetings which took up most of the morning. Then we had our union meeting. Did I say that I am co-president this year for my local teacher union? If going back to school was not enough stress I also have to deal with this but at least I have a great partner in crime working with me on it. We then had the afternoon to work in our rooms. 

Second Day:

This was a full day of meetings. To get more funding in Iowa schools pretty much had to create a teacher leadership program that is where TAP comes into play. This is our first year implementing TAP so we spent the morning learning about it as a district. The school board then provided lunch for us. (Thanks) After that we had building meetings to see how TAP would work in our buildings. It all comes down to having a master teacher observing us, then a mentor teacher and finally our princpal. Along with that we will have cluster meetings where we will work on implementing strategies in our classrooms. Over all it was a pretty stress free day.

Third Day: 

Our final day this week was yesterday and we started out by having the morning to work in our rooms. I worked on getting all my student Chromebooks plugged in. Then worked on some computer work. I went to lunch with two great friends/coworkers. After that we had building meetings. The first meeting was making sure everyone knew how to set up their grade book which was easy! Then we moved into curriculum groups to review Iowa Assessment data, the grading rubric for SBG and discussion on how we are going to work with students in need of assistance (those that didn’t score high on Iowa Asssessments). This was all fine. There was one thing that did make this afternoon very stressful and is still on my mind today but I can’t share it now. 

We have one more day of PD on Monday and then students start Tuesday. 



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middle school math

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