Flexible Seating

So, I am going to try something new this year. After reading blogs this spring and summer about flexible seating I thought I would give it a try with my 7th graders.

I purchased 6 exercise balls from the store Five Below. Then I went to Walmart and purchased 6 water noodles and some cool duct table to create exercise ball stands.

File Aug 10, 11 40 56 AM

No, I don’t have just 6 students in my math classes but I do have 6 groups. I put a colored dot on each desk. Each day I will post the color dot that gets to use the exercise ball instead of their chair if they want. If they decide not to use the exercise ball they can give it to someone else in their group.

File Aug 10, 11 39 54 AM

I am not sure how this will work with 7th graders but I want to give it a try. If it does work well I will explore more options for flexible seating. I will write an updated post later into first quarter to share how its going.

I did steal and change some rules for flexible seating that I have posted in my room.

File Jul 21, 2 37 54 PM




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3 responses to “Flexible Seating”

  1. druinok says :

    I am so jealous that you have a Five Below. 🙂 I am eager to hear how this works for you. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the ball chairs, especially for fidgety students.

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