Why Tweet

I have seen this Tweet from Bob twice now in my feed and it has really made me think about why I joined Twitter. 

In my district we have at least one PD day where it’s just technology. One session that I attended was on Twitter so I went and created an account. At first I didn’t do much with it as I didn’t feel that I needed it right then in my life. I thought it was just for posting random things; not a place where you can experience such wonderful PD on your own. PD that is specific to what you need.

Looking at Bob’s first question here, “What experience caused Twitter to become a PLN for me?” (Sorry, Bob I reworded it a little) Is that I felt that PD in my district was stagnant at least for me. I felt that what I was learning at the district level was stuff that I already knew or had learned as at that time I was getting my masters and did a lot of research reading on my own and that we were moving too slow. So, I turned to Twitter and found this marvelous group(s) that I now call my virtual PLN (but once a year I can talk to people in person at TMC). I have my #msmathchat PLN, #MTBoS PLN, #TMC PLN and individual people that support me in ways that I never thought possible. I have learned so much through tweeting and participating in chats on Twitter. 

I can say that I am not a novice on Twitter anymore but I don’t think that I have moved to a Twitter ninja yet either. I am somewhere on the side of the spectrum that is moving closer to Twitter ninja. 

I don’t think I have an aha moment except to say that Twitter has pulled me through some rough days of teaching. The support that you get on Twitter is amazing. 

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One response to “Why Tweet”

  1. druinok says :

    I agree. It’s hard to explain the MTBoS to someone, let alone explain it in a single tweet. 🙂 But I know that it is the most inspirational, most creative, most motivating group I’ve ever been a part of.

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