7th Grade Math Classroom 16-17

Even though school does not start with kids till August 23 I have been busy getting it ready.

I wanted a new bulletin board that dealt with a Growth Mindset but I could not find something that I liked on Twitter, Blogs, or Pinterest. The thing that kept coming back in my mind is Jo Boaler’s “With Math I Can…” that has been on Twitter all summer. So, my new bulletin board is that. I plan to have students finish the statement and then post those on the board after the first week of school.

File Jul 22, 3 35 54 PM

I have read a lot this summer and one of the books that I read was on whole brain learning. From that I have modified some of their things to fit my room. I wholeheartedly use ClassDojo in my room and wanted to still use that but incorporate some whole brain learning too. So I stuck with 5 classroom rules some from whole brain learning. I also used the ClassDojo monsters.

File Jul 22, 3 35 40 PM

I stole this next idea from one of the ClassDojo mentors on Facebook. Each class that I teach has a Dojo Meter. This is where I will record positive points earned. So, when a class gets to 25 positive points I will fill in that part of the circle. As of right now the circles only go to 500 points. When a class gets past that I will create another circle.

File Jul 22, 3 35 02 PM

I stole Sarah Carter’s welcome sign.

File Jul 22, 3 35 26 PM

To encourage students to do their best on assessments I have a Math Stars bulletin board. On final assessments students get a dot for each 4 that they earn on a learning target. Students then put their name or initials on the dot(s) and put it on the bulletin board. Each class has a different color dot. Classes like to see who can get the most dots by the end of the year.

File Jul 22, 3 37 59 PM

Finally I have turned one of my whiteboards into many things. The box on the far left is for learning targets. The next set of boxes is where I will write in the day’s assignments. The columns on the right that are numbered are each of my classes and this is where I will write students names that have late work. I used washi tape to mark everything off on the board.

File Jul 22, 3 31 38 PM

One thing that I have left to do is to create shelves for student Chromebooks. My husband has volunteered to attach those to the wall for me.

Since, my room is about done I can now focus on planning for the year.



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