My Thoughts on 50 Things To Go Further with Google Classroom A Student-Centered Approach

Last year I read 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom by Alice Keeler and Libbi Miller. That book helped me get started using Google Classroom with my students. I was not sure how Google Classroom would work in a math classroom and to be honest I didn’t use it much. 
After reading their second book I can’t wait to get my new classrooms set up for next year as I have some great ideas now that I have finished their new book!
Their second book is, 50 Things To Go Further with Google Classroom a Student-Centered Approach. There are two things that are really great with this book, the blue Go Further boxes and all the links. There is at least one and sometimes two blue Go Further boxes with each of the 50 things. These boxes give teachers extra ideas of how to use the 50 things or gives extra links for teachers to explore with examples. 

Last year I used Google Classroom for Friday Letters and to give a survey to my students. Like I said I didn’t use it much.

How am I going to use it this year??

I really stink at doing a get to know students activity the first few days. So the first thing I am going to do is Alice and Libbi’s number 5, Collaboration is King. I am going to use a collaborative Google Slide to have students introduce themselves. The blue box gives a template already to go with a few modifications from me. 

Number 6 is, Provide Directions. Instead of me having directions for my daily warms under the Elmo I am going to provide my daily directions in the classroom. Students will come in and get our their Chromebooks and go to our Google classroom and read what they are to do while I take attendance and such. This will allow warm ups to be done even when a sub is in the room then. It will also allow students who are absent to still do the work. 

Number 10 Ditch Worksheets. I don’t use a lot of worksheets but do assign problems from our text books. We use Connected Math 3 and I can’t see getting away from homework totally yet but I can still vary my homework from problems in the textbook to linking practice activities from the Internet. Alice and Libbi suggest that students take screenshots of what they are doing online and add those screenshots to a Google Slide. 

Number 19, Create Manipulatives with Google Drawing or Google Slides. I have read tweets of Alice’s where she has talked about this but was too afraid to try. Well, I am not afraid any longer. I am going to try creating my own Manipulatives for students to use. 

Number 44, Create Yearlong Journals. I am going to use this as my Friday Letters. After reading this, one thing I learned is that students don’t need to turn in their letter each week I can instead read them in the Google folder. This will create one less step so students don’t have to unsubmit them each week.

Number 15, Ask a Question. I think I will use this as an exit ticket from time to time. This is where I can post a question in the Stream for students to answer. 

I know that this is only 6 of the 50 things that Alice and Libbi talk about but for one year this is a lot to bit off. I feel that I have a pretty good problem based classroom but I want to also make it even more student centered than it already is. 


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