Not quite a month ago I was reading our local news online and came across an article of a young man being hit in a car accident. This young man did not survive and I found out that it was a former student by the name of Kassidie. Kassidie had only been out of school may a year or two. I could picture his face right away.

This was around the same time school was getting ready to let out for the summer so I was in purging mode in my classroom. The morning after I found out about Kassidie I arrived at school around my usual time of 6:00 am. I was cleaning out a filing cabinet and came across a manila envelope. I ended up opening up the envelope and found that there was a letter inside. A little background, our 8th grade students usually write former teachers letters before leaving for the year. I always put these letters in the same spot in my classroom. As I looked inside the envelope I was surprised that it held one of my former student’s letters as it was not where I stored them. I opened the letter and it was from Kassidie. It was such a kind, sweet letter from him. What are the odds that it would be in this filing cabinet and that I would find it the day after he passed away?

I remember Kassidie as a good student. He did his math work and always had a huge smile on his face. He was kind but could be a typical ornery 7th grade boy too. I will always remember Kassidie for his big heart and huge smile.

Then this past week I was arriving at school for a math meeting and heard from a student that while at cross country summer conditioning a student had been hit by a car. I proceeded to go to my meeting. Once there one of the other teachers received a phone call saying that our curriculum director and another math teacher would be late. This teacher was also told that the student did not make it. This student was again a former student by the name of Kinsee, and she had just finished middle school. It was decided that we would cancel our math meeting and go help out with students who needed a shoulder to cry on or a person to just listen.

I had the privilege of having Kinsee in 7th grade math and math academy. Kinsee also, had a huge heart and a wonderful smile. She was quiet in class, did her work and was kind to all. She too will be greatly missed.

To both of these former students I quote this:

I Whispered a Prayer or Two for You Today

“I wanted to let you know that I whispered a prayer or two for you today. You crossed my mind so many times, and I asked the angles to be near you. I whispered a prayer that God would stand by your side – loving, protecting and guiding you. Know that you’re in my heart and that I whispered a prayer or two – for you.” – Ellen M. DuBois

As a teacher the students that pass through our doors every day for 180 days become like our own children. The world and our community are not going to be the same without you. I believe that you are both with God and you will be looking down at all of us and someday we will meet again.


-Mrs. Martin


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7th grade math teacher in Iowa

One response to “Loss”

  1. Sherrie says :

    So sorry to hear about your former students Sarah. It always feels like a punch to the gut when you hear that someone so young with such promise is gone well before their time. Sending you virtual hugs!

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