I am going to be gone for a day of school. In regular 7th grade math we just finished a unit and I don’t want a sub to have to start the new unit so I created Math Bingo.

Math Bingo is a review game of material we have learned so far this year and of material that students commonly miss on Iowa Assessments.

I am crossing my fingers that it goes well with the sub tomorrow.

Here are the directions I am leaving for the students to read:

  • On one side of the Bingo Card write down the numbers for GAME 1 anywhere on your bingo card once. Each box should be filled in. Please do this with pen. No PENCIL!
  • The teacher will draw a card out of the ice cream bucket. You are to solve the problem on paper. If you solved it correctly the answer should be on your BINGO card somewhere. Put an X in that box.
  • This will continue until someone gets BINGO across, down or diagonal.
  • If someone calls BINGO don’t do anything to your card as it is up to the teacher if there will be more winners on this card.
  • Please be honest while playing.
  • Have fun and learn!

Math Bingo


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middle school math


middle school math

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