Update on Teaching with Fibromyalgia

The last time I blogged about teaching with Fibromyalgia was during Christmas break after having a few too many episodes of pain and fog. Since, then I have been to the doctor and things have gotten better. The new drug that my doctor has put me on is helping with my overall pain and the fibro fog is gone at least for now.

I did have, as I like to call them, an episode this past weekend (thankfully not during the week). My husband and I went to Omaha to run some errands. On the way up I had a terrible headache. Once we got to Omaha we went out to eat for lunch. Then started on our errands. While at the first store I told my husband that I felt like I had drank a HUGE margarita at lunch, all I had was lemonade. I felt foggy and disoriented all the while running errands. I did take my meds later in the morning than normal. I’m not sure if that was the cause but it did go away be evening.

I will say that by the end of the week I do need rest as I feel very run down from the week.


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