Reflection of My Advanced Math Class

I have done a disservice to my advanced math students this year. This is the second year that I have taught advanced math to seventh grade students. The push from my administration is that we have a small percent of our 8th grade students taking algebra as 8th graders. To accomplish this we created an advanced math class for 7th grade.

In my building grades 6-8 use CMP (Connected Mathematics Project) as our math book and we follow the Iowa Core for our standards. When we created the advanced math class it was decided that I would teach all of the 7th grade CMP books but What Do You Expect and Samples and Populations (these cover statistics and probability). Some may ask why we decided to skip those. One we have found that our students do pretty well on those two topics with state testing and secondly it would come up in 8th grade again. Then after completing all of the other six books for 7th grade I would move on to the first 8th grade book in CMP.

That is what I did last year and we did get through the plan as stated. This year I thought I would do the same thing. If you are familiar with CMP you know that there are no pretest to give you just go through the books. I have found that a good majority of my students in advanced math this year are bored. I have moved to slow for them. In comparison to last year’s students we are moving along much faster but still I have found they are bored and they have told me so.

So, this is where I have done a disservice to them and I have told them so. So, to remedy this I have created a pretest for our next book Filling and Wrapping (area, surface area, volume and slicing). I have informed students that depending on how they do with this pretest we will only cover material that they don’t know and then move into the first 8th grade book. If things go as planned I can see us getting through the first two 8th grade books this year. Then next year the 8th grade teacher will pick up where we have left off.
What does this mean for me for next year? I need to create pretests for each book for the advanced math class to take so that I only cover material what they don’t understand and the goal will be to cover more to help the 8th grade teacher out.


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One response to “Reflection of My Advanced Math Class”

  1. Cheryl Leung says :

    I teach Gifted Math 6. I teach all of the 6th grade CCSS standards and most of the 7th grade ones as well during the course of a single year. Like you, I use CMP as my primary curriculum. i give my students a pretty extensive pre-assessment that addresses the major concepts of the course during the first week of school (it usually takes 2 days to finish it). I end up with a pretty good idea of what my students know right off the bat. I like knowing that from the start so that I can plan how to allocate time.

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