One Good Thing

A big push from administration in my district is that we include review type questions for our state assessment (Iowa Assessments) in our classrooms. I do this through warms up each morning.

First semester I created review questions based on what students missed on the previous years state assessment. I used our building BrainPop to post the questions that students answered when they arrived in class. After students were done I could see their results right away.

This semester I am using for my warm up questions. I am finding that has questions that corrleate better with the CORE than the questions I made up first semester. I also like that I don’t have to make up questions for each day and this makes my life a little easier.

After students finish their warm up I can hit end exit ticket (I don’t use it as an exit ticket but a warm up) and see student results right away.

If you have time try out its FREE!



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4 responses to “One Good Thing”

  1. mrsthienel says :

    Cool! Thanks for sharing an awesome resource! I’ll have to check it out. We’re always looking for new resources especially technology based ones.

  2. aerecord says :

    Thanks for sharing about! I will definitely check it out! 🙂 Ann Elise

  3. Sherrie says :

    Thanks for sharing Sarah. I’m going to check it out. Is it free as long as you don’t use the tutoring? I was confused because it talked about how inexpensive it was.

    • martinsarah says :

      Within the last two weeks Zeal has said that they will not provide exit tickets after this school year. Zeal said that they want to focus on tutoring.

      I am sad to see their exit tickets go away. 😦

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middle school math

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