Surprise and Shock With Students – Window Math

This summer I wrote a blog about Window Math, where I write a math problem on the window by my door for students to answer by the end of the week. This is not mandatory for students it is totally up to them if they participate.

This is my second year doing this and I am shocking and surprised by who is trying the Window Math. We have homeroom at the end of the day. Students are suppose to be working on homework during this time and if their homework is done they are suppose to be working on BuzzMath or free reading. I have students who are done with their homework and they choose to sit outside my room working on the window problem instead of doing BuzzMath or free reading. (How can I get upset with them for not doing BuzzMath or free reading when they are doing this instead.) It’s not the students who you would assume would be doing the extra math problem but it is my get on your nerve behavior students. At first I thought that maybe they were doing this to get out of BuzzMath or free reading and would just be messing around but no, they are actually working with persistence on the window problem. They are also having great discussions with other students about the problem.

This weeks problem takes a little persistence and patience from students to hang in there to get the correct answer and my students are not giving up! Who knew that one little math problem written on a window would be such a success!

2014-11-17 15.12.00This is a glimpse of students working on this weeks problem.

This weeks problem states, “Throw seven darts at the target and get exactly 100 points. Find two ways to get exactly 100 points.”. Capture

2014-11-03 14.59.44This is a big group of students working on a problem from a few weeks ago. The problem was “Carries Candles”.

“Carrie loved candles on her birthday cake. Each year Carrie’s mother placed the number of candles for Carrie’s current age in addition to the candles from the year before. If Carrie turns 8 this year, how many candles will Carrie’s mother place on her birthday cake?”

If you have a window in your classroom I suggest that you start doing something with it and see what students do, you may be as shocked as I am.



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