Ready for School and My Goals

I believe that my classroom is as ready as it can be for when students arrive on August 21st.

2014-08-11 08.31.34 This is the view students see as they walk into my room.2014-08-11 08.31.46 This is part of my back wall with problem solving strategies listed for students. The retake wall is also pictured here. 2014-08-11 08.31.54Here students can get manipulatives that they need for completing work.

2014-08-11 08.32.20 This is the awesome pencil sharpener stand that my husband made for me.2014-08-11 08.32.29View from the back of my room.

I have a few goals for this coming year for myself. I thought if I blogged about them I might be held more accountable to actually doing them.

1. I created my own planner this year in binder form that has attendance, lesson plans, scope for the year, grade book, meeting notes, and extras in it. I tend to usually have a few notebooks on my desk that I use but I thought after seeing Twitter postings that this sounded like a great idea to keep everything in one place.

2. Using as my lesson plans for the year. In the past I have typed up my lesson plans, that were very generic and printed them for the week. Kathryn, a co-worker of mine uses this site and recommended it. I am going to give it a try. I like that I can link Common Core Standards to my lessons with the click of a button instead of typing them out. I will still continue to print off my plans so that I have something concrete to look at daily and for a sub.

3. Blog More. I began blogging last year when I saw a Twitter posting about MTBoS. I would like to hold myself accountable to blogging at least once a week even if its something small.

4. Speak up and share more on Twitter.

5. Have more of a VOICE at school. I am one who tends to sit back and listen (taking everything in) but I don’t always speak up because I am afraid that I will step on toes and hurt peoples feelings. I think that I need to get over that remember that I am just stating my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I must also remind myself that we are colleagues and we should be able to voice what we think without colleagues taking it to heart.

I believe that these are enough personal goals for the year without biting off too much. Let me know what you think.



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middle school math

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