TMC14 Thoughts

I did not know what to expect from TMC14. I would like to say that I was very impressed with the whole experience. When I returned home late Sunday night all I wanted to do was sleep. Then on Monday I found myself not really focusing on anything as my brain was still in math overload. It has taken me till today, Thursday, to be able to really sit and think about how to implement some of the things I learned and saw at TMC14.

These are just a few of things I will be implementing this coming year:

1. I have always had student desks in groups of four facing each other. I still have student desks in groups of four but after talking and listening to people I now have two students facing each other and the other two sitting side by side all within a group of four.

2. I have bookmarked a lot of new sites and shared them with colleagues.

3. I have decided that my ‘Math Window’ will now feature some of the “Would You Rather” questions from

4. I am going to try out some of the lessons from Chris Shore’s site in my response to intervention classes along with the many games I heard about from those presenting or from our talks in the lounge of the hotel.

Along with implementing things I heard and saw from TMC14 I am also going to continue adding and reading blogs written by some great math people who are willing to share so that others can learn from them. I am also going to try to step up my game in the world of Twitter and speak up more.

There is more that I could add to my list but for now I must start small and work my way up.



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