Conversation at Conferences Leads to Thoughts on Common Core

Today is mid conferences for third quarter. I had each student include their most recent post math assessment in their conference folders for their parents to see. The assessment was over scale factor and creating a figure using a scale of their choice and then answering questions about the area and perimeter of the new figure.

I had a colleague tell me that they have had a lot of interesting math conversations today during conferences. I asked this colleague what the conversations were about and they said that they were talking about how the math that students are doing now in seventh grade isn’t something that they (the parents and colleague) did until high school.

I told my colleague that that is because of the change with the Common Core. I told her that what I use to teach in seventh grade has been moved to grades four, five and six.

I have been reading a lot about how some states don’t want to follow the Common Core anymore even though they adopted it because of the gaps that are showing up because of how topics/content has been moved around. Yes, there are going to be gaps but we need to give it a few years and those gaps will go away. I love that we have the Common Core now. I know that if a student moves in from a different town, or state that they will have covered the same topics/content that we have/are in Shenandoah, Iowa.  A person in Texas might cover them differently or at a different time in the year than me but I know that they are being covered in grade seven. There is no more of first quarter seeming like a total review of the year before. We are now building on what has been taught or totally introducing a topic/concept to the students for the first time.

I don’t want to move away from the Common Core just because of gaps. I know we can’t ignore those gaps but need to think outside of our boxes to find ways to fill them in for a few years.  We can’t just jump ship right away! 


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middle school math

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