Persevere with Similar Figures

Students have been working on determining similar figures and with that finding scale factor. The scores over the first assessment were not high scores, mainly scores of one and two. I informed students not to get discourage with the scores they earned at this point as this is something very new to them.

This week students have been working with shapes and making larger figures and testing if they are similar to their original shape. The series that we use, Connected Mathematics, has student seeing if the original shape will rep-tile. Students started out with quadrilaterals and persevered through the lesson very well. We had some great discussions over the figures that they made and students started making connections between area, perimeter and scale factor. They came up with three things that need to be in place for figures to be similar: 1. Corresponding angles measure the same 2. Sides have to grow the same length as height – scale factor 3. The two figures have to be the same shape.

Today, students were asked to work with triangles and create larger figures and then determine if they were similar and a rep-tile. Students worked in groups with each group having a different type of triangle along with a large piece of paper. They were asked to create as many similar figures as possible. I was disappointed with how some groups didn’t persevere. They complained stating that this was too hard and too much work. I did not let up on these groups of students. I gave them some hints and after a time of complaining they began to work. Other groups did persevere though and filled up their large paper with many types of shapes. I had hoped to have a large group discussion but that will have to wait until Monday.




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middle school math


middle school math

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