Reindeer Candy Grams

To raise money for prizes at Family Math Carnival Night my students created Reindeer Candy Grams to sell. Students in my RTI (Response to Intervention) classes had to first figure out how much it would cost to make one candy gram. They decided to sell two types of candy grams; peppermint and flavored candy canes. After they found out how much it would cost to make one candy gram they had to decide how much to charge so that they would make a profit. It was decided that they would charge fifty cents per candy gram. Then they were off creating posters to advertise their product. They also had to create the gram that would be attached to each reindeer.

They then started selling on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving break. Each student signed up to sell in the morning. On the first morning sales started out slow but they ended up selling 23 candy grams and on Wednesday they sold 38 candy grams. While students were selling I stood back and guided them if needed but they did an awesome job with a few reminders about manners.

Students sold candy grams from Tuesday through Friday. They then had to figure out how many total candy grams they sold. From there they needed to tell me how many candy canes of each flavor to purchase along with noses, eyes, and antlers. They also found out how much money they made as a profit.

The following week students put together the reindeer and delivered the grams to homerooms.

I believe that the students were surprised that they sold 134 candy grams. I was really surprised at how motivated the students were to do this activity. ImageImage



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middle school math


middle school math

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