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ImageImageIn my district we use a math program called Connected Mathematics (CMP3). This program has one partner quiz per unit that students take. A partner quiz is usually harder than a regular independent quiz. Today, was our first partner quiz for the year as I choose to skip the one on our last unit. The partner quiz today was over four learning targets aligned with the Common Core.

Students have guidelines to follow while taking a partner quiz. They are as follows and are in each student’s math binder:

  • Talk quietly to your partner.
  • No talking to other partnerships.
  • Each partner is to fill out a quiz. It is okay to disagree on an answer and/or how to show your work.
  • Next, class period, you will be able to make re-visions to your quiz for 15-20 minutes.
  • Always, always, always, SHOW YOUR WORK AND HAVE LABELS!!

Today, each student had a partner to work with. They could use their math binders, a number line, and chips if needed but no calculators. Tonight I will take the quizzes and mark a dot next to each problem that is incorrect. I will NOT give an overall score for each learning target yet. Then, tomorrow students will have 15-20 minutes to make corrections with their partner. At this time students cannot ask me what is wrong as I will not tell them. They have been told that there is something wrong with a dot but they need to decide what is wrong. I will then collect the quizzes again and then grade them for a grade on each learning target.

I have been very impressed with how well the students have been working with their partners on this assessment. I have observed a lot of students explaining their thinking to their partners. Even though this is a quiz and they should already know what they have learned about integers there is a lot of learning going on today. I should have recorded how some partnerships have worked.

I do not allow students to have the same partner again for the year on a partner quiz.



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middle school math


middle school math

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