MathAlive is a traveling exhibit that has been to the Smithsonian and other places in the United States. It is currently at Sac Air and Space Museum in Nebraska.  MathAlive is an interactive exhibit that brings math alive for students and families.

“MathAlive! is designed to inspire, to spark the imagination, to reveal not only math at work, but the endless possibilities of math. Designed for families and students the exhibition brings to life the real math behind what kids love most – video games, sports, fashion, music, robotics, and more – and creates interactive and immersive experiences that bring to life the math at work in each, whether in design, application or us.”

Please look at the following site to learn more:

The seventh grade team and I took 7th graders to this exhibit yesterday. Students spent an hour in the MathAlive exhibit and then spent thirty minutes in a workshop finding the ratio of their height to jump. They then compared their ratio to Kobe Bryant.  After that student participated in a scavenger hunt in one of the hangers with the planes finding the difference in there loaded weight to empty weight.

Some of the favorite stations/simulations of students were riding snowboards, biking, the 360 cameras, programing a cart and many more. This exhibit showed students that math is more than just boring numbers. It related math to students and made it fun and exciting for them.

If this exhibit comes near you I would highly recommend taking your students. It was well worth the seven dollars.



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middle school math


middle school math

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