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I have had the great opportunity to work in a school district that is in a wonderful AEA (Area Education Agency) for the state of Iowa. I participated in E2T2 (Enhancing Education through Technology) with the AEA and was very disappointed when this program ended. While it was in existence E2T2 people worked on writing grants and won a lot of money to get technology into teachers’ hands. For example they gave us LCD projectors, Elmos, iPods, and Ipads. When the program ended they gave each of us another Ipad along with itunes money. All of this has made it possible for me to get technology into the hands of my students. With that said I have found many apps that are great for students to practice their math skills. I do feel as if there are not a lot of middle level math apps out there but more and more seem to appear.

Here is a list of apps that I would recommend to any teacher, parent, or student:

 AppsGoneFree: The best free apps each day. Some days I find a great app here and at other times I don’t.

Math Duel: A two player math game. My students and I are having a grand time playing this.

Loot Pursuit Tulum: Solving simple math problems to find loot.

Ooops: An order of operations app

Bedtime Math: This is an app with nonfiction short stories that then have a math story problem with them for kids of different ages.

Dragon Box:



ClassDojo: Where you can track student behavior


Math 7 Pro


NameSelector: Randomly selects student names from a class list

Bedtime Math: real world short story and then three levels of problems to solve depending on age of student (math problem of the day)

Orbit Integers

Integer Warp


Playground: bridge construction


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middle school math


middle school math

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