MTBoS Week 1

Hello, I am Sarah Martin and this is my first time blogging. I am a 7th grade math teacher in Shenandoah, Iowa. Thanks to MathTwitterBlogosphere for making me take this first step. 


For this week we are suppose to write about one thing that happens in my classroom that makes it distinctly my classroom.

If you were to walk into my classroom you would not find desks in rows but in groups of four. Students would be working in groups discussing their math tasks and questioning each other with me walking around listening in and questioning when needed. My classroom is a problem-based classroom; not one where you would find me lecturing with students taking notes. 



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7th grade math teacher in Iowa

4 responses to “MTBoS Week 1”

  1. bstockus says :

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I just started last fall. I’ve had times where I blog a lot and times where I stop for long stretches. What I like is that my blog is always there waiting for me when I decide I have something to say.

    Your classroom sounds a lot like mine when I was teaching. I loved walking around and listening in on the conversations students were having. It’s fascinating how different the conversations could be based on the dynamics of each group.

  2. Nicole Paris (@solvingforx) says :

    sounds like my kind of classroom! I look forward to reading about some of the problems and explorations you do with your students!

  3. pperfectsquares says :

    Hi Sarah. Sounds like you are well positioned for common core where discussion and less direct instruction is the name of the game. I bet your students love your class. I am wondering how the students learn the skills required for a given problem? And whether they keep a notebook to summarize these skills.

  4. piforhungryminds says :

    I love my school, but the one thing don’t like is that no one has their own classroom – we all share, which means that I can’t make the room my own. If I don’t like the desks the way they are, I lose 10 minutes of my lesson rearranging them at the stat and putting them all back at the end. Being able to make your classroom your own makes it so much easier to create the atmosphere you want. Never forget to appreciate that!

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